2013 Update


First of all sorry to all the people who have been trying to access the site recently. For a few months, it had been getting hacked by someone and redirecting to very bad websites. Luckily my good mate Anthony Cockings who designed the site has ‘hacked back’ and has sorted everything.

The last few weeks have been pretty tough. After the huge high of securing my European Tour card, I have been stuck at home in the cold weather, waiting for my first event. Unfortunately my category didn’t get me into any of the Middle East events, so my first one is going to be the Joburg Open on the 7th of February.

I have been working very hard with my swing and fitness the last month or so. Ian Rae and I have been working on keeping my hands tighter to my body in my backswing to stop them separating at the top and getting laid off to much. being so laid off has caused me to start miss-hitting a lot of shots. I feel my ball striking has improved greatly in the last couple of weeks.

I head to Dubai on Saturday for a weeks practice before flying down to Joburg. I will have a month in South Africa playing in 4 events, 3 European and hopefully one Sunshine Tour event. My season will soon be underway and I can’t wait.

Speak Soon,

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