4 weeks in SA


Well I have completed possibly one of the most difficult trips in my golfing career. I spent a whole month in South Africa, and unfortunately I missed all 4 cuts.

The signs were good after a solid first round in the Joburg Open, but I just couldn’t seem to get any momentum whatsoever.

I am carrying around a little baggage in my head at the moment, which hopefully in the next few weeks will all be resolved. As you can imagine, golf is a tough enough sport as it is, but with the added stress of feeling like you are playing for your mortgage, it’s even tougher. My management company are trying their best to secure some form of sponsorship to get me started and take the pressure off, but in these trying times in the world it is proving very very tough.

I have 3 weeks off now until my next event which will hopefully be in Morrocco. During the three weeks I am heading to the TaylorMade office in London to get kitted out with the new 2013 product, then I will have the following 2 weeks to prepare, and hopefully everything else will be sorted too. Until then….


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